Life is a daring adventure, or nothing at all..

Throughout my life I have always been on a search for experiences and adventures that will create memories for a lifetime. I am a big believer in embracing every moment we have and make the most of it. In short, I am a big daydreamer with a passion for turning my dreams into reality. Which led my to run two dream businesses that allows me to live the lifestyle I deeply desire and need to feel at my best. Ready to come on an adventure with me? 

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Designer, Photographer,
Entrepreneur, & Artist

With a soul always seeking for new experiences, it is no chock that I have endeavored into entrepreneurship. Since I was a child, I always struggled to "fit-in" with the "normal" jobs. On my path to defining what I wanted to do, I pursued a degree in marketing management with the intention to use the degree to help grow my own business. 

The search for my path was interesting. I have always been a creative soul, and since I could hold a pen I have been drawing and painting almost every day. So, in my heart I always knew that I wanted to work in the creative field. And the journey began in a time of doubt, where I was reminiscing back to what I used to love doing as a kid - that led me to pick up a camera again. And that was it - everything snowballed from there! 

Designing my own photography website led me to become a full time designer, helping other creative storytellers to create the brand and website of their dreams. While pursuing photography and art alongside my design business. 

Storytelling & Strategy

my secret ingredients for everything that i do

When it comes to working in the creative field, people often think that it is all about being pretty - and that it ends there. That is not the case. I always pure a lot of passion and dedication into everything that I work with. But in general, I have two main ingredients that ensures to make the work stand out and be unique every single time - Storytelling and Strategy. 

On my journey of entrepreneurship and through my marketing degree, I quickly learned that strategy is key for creating long-lasting and effective design and/or photos. And as the sucker for storytelling and documentary workstyles that I am, I always want to reflect your unique story through everything, that being design or imagery. Making it my secret and most effective combination.

please tell me more about your design services

please tell me more about your photography services

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